Piano Care and Maintenance 


Periodic adjustments to a pianos mechanism components are needed to keep a smooth even touch and feel throughout.

This is done by adjusting various springs and screws on the components, to compensate for the wear on the felt and leather pads created during general use of a piano. Regulating the action maximises smooth playing and even touch  of the keys.


 Re-shaping  worn    hammers

Hammer felt also becomes worn over time and can drasticly diminish brightness and general tone quality.

re-shaping the hammers achieves  the correct strike point on the strings and restores the proper shape of the hammer nose and therefore the

clarity and eveness of tone the throughout the register of the keyboard.




Your piano goes out of tune over time and  through general use. Changes in temperature eg; night/day winter/summer also affect the tuning.

Pianos for teaching and domestic use should be fine tuned at least every six months, which will also optimise your instruments tuning stability. (Pianos used in recording studios are usually fine tuned before every session).

Older Pianos that were manufactured before the widespread use of central heating in homes are liable to suffer dryness of the timber, shrinking, splits and cracks in areas that are under stress or tension, mainly the soundboard and pin block.

This often causes older pianos to quickly go out of tune, as the tuning pins become loose in the wood and no longer able to reliably hold the heavy tension of the strings.

Newer pianos are much less likely to suffer from these issues as the timber used in the manufacture of modern pianos is seasoned to retain a higher moisture content in order to withstand heating systems in homes and venues etc.




Toning or Voicing uses specialised toning needles to even or soften the tone of your piano by uniformly decreasing the density of the hammer felt.


You would normally need to have your hammers voiced if:

  • You have certain notes that sound louder than the rest - (small amount of toning)
  • If you feel you piano sounds too bright - (more extensive toning)
  • If you've had new hammers fitted - (extensive toning).


Hammer Toning

















































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